Design and construction
Navigation | Zoning
Scenery | Stand
The key specialization of EventGroup is the complex design and development of events.
Our team creates spaces and at the same time develops the interior, set design, decorates scenes, podiums, stands, time zones and rooms, works on zoning and navigation, makes decorations, furniture, art objects, stands and non-standard designs.
Scenes and catwalks
- Stage decorations;
- Production of projection screens;
- Scenes with video screens, remote elements, moving mechanisms;
- Production of podiums and spectator stands.
Navigation | Zoning
- Navigation steles and stands;
- Floor navigation;
- Temporary partitions and walls;
- Registration areas, press centres, meeting rooms, technical areas, headquarters.
Scenery | Stands
- Scenery and art objects;
- Exhibition stands;
- Photo zones, Press wall;
- Reception;
- Speakers tribune;
- Furniture for the presidium;
- Rack navigation.