Design and construction

At the end of 2017, we started to build our office - a space that reflects our vision of beauty, aesthetics and uniqueness. The project has become for us the quintessence of our knowledge in design, spatial architecture, construction and manufacturing. It was a long, difficult, but fascinating journey - a historic building of the 19th century, 4 months of dismantling work, 13 tons of metal structures, a project to reinforce ceilings, artistic restoration of walls, integration of the second and creation of a third floor. The total project implementation period was 13 months.

St. Petersburg | 2017-2018

The History
The housings, built at the end of the 19th century, belonged to the glass factory of the M.Erlenbach and Co., and later were transferred to the Northern Glass Industry Society.
Development of ideas and design
While working on the overall style, we tried to get rid of the usual understanding of the loft style, but instead we added classic and palace elements and preserved the historical fragments of the interior. Combining different colors and materials, we settled on the following - brick in the original color, black graphite metal, whitish wood, glass, polished concrete and aluminum.The central architectural idea was the built-on glass meeting room, from which the rest of the office areas are visible.
Project and construction
During the construction process, it was necessary to analyse the bearing capacity of the beams and floors of the building, which resulted in need of 9 columns under the main beams. Then we dismantled all the walls and partitions, cut an opening to the third floor (there used to be an abandoned ventilation system), raised the ceiling by 60 cm to free the arched windows, dismantled the wooden floor and poured a concrete screed with topping, plus updated all engineering networks. After all, we built the second level and 2 stairs, using 13 tons of metal, restored the brick walls, installed 65 sq.m. glass partitions, and proceeded to finishing work.

Furniture and Interior Elements
Furniture and interior elements were mainly developed and provided by our company means and ressources.
For wall painting purposes, we have invited a German artist Peter Petz.