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Roman Atlasov
Co-Founder/Chief Project Officer
Event Group Ltd.
Hey there! My name is Roman Atlasov. I am looking forward to hire the coolest, weirdest and "different" from social perspective people.In our team we don't have any boundaries and conventions.
If you have a feeling of being not understood and listened to at your workplace, if you got sick of perform standard, boring and basic tasks for a monthly salary, if you are ready to take your responsibility, create value and feel the support of the strong team behind your back and be its better complement - go for it, write to us right now!

What we do:
- Technical support and design of events
- Project and construction of art exhibitions Проектированием и строительством художественных выставок
- Urban improvement - art-objects and installations, small architectural forms
-Creation of commercial spaces and interiors

We are permanently looking for competent professionals and specialists :
-Artist-technologist, Manager-technologist technologist (event decor, furniture, theatre, cinema, interiors, publicity, museums EXPO)
-Design engineer ( theater, cinema, event decor)
- Architects/Artists/Designers
-- Decorators / Joiners / Welders / Mock-uppers/Climbers-riggers / Furniture makers / Blacksmiths / Jewelers / Sculptors / Restorers / Constructors / Technicians of robotics / Electricians

We are also cooperating with narrowly focused industries:
- Decoration workshops
- Carpentry workshops
- Production of metal structures
- Laser and milling cutting
- Furniture production
- Typography
- Painting entreprises
- Production and storage facilities for short and long term rent

Please send your portfolio and your information to Ra@myeventgroup.ru

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